Life Group Questions

Sermon Title:Son or Slave

Speaker: Pastor Myles Sweeney


1. What was the key thing you got from the message on Sunday?


2.  It was said that God primarily builds in three ways:   Revelationally, Relationally and Generationally.  Share a way that you have seen Him build in your life.


3. Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was. What would your response be to Jesus if He were to ask you that question?


4 Myles said, "You can be saved and God still not be able to build on you." How does hearing this statement encourage or challenge you?


5.  Myles said that Sons:

**Build the house.

**See themselves as an heir.

**See the honor of the house the same as their own.

**Think in terms of responsibility.

**Are family oriented.

 Which of these areas do you need to strengthen in your life?

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