Life Group Questions

Question 1:

The purpose of Richard’s message was to challenge us to live up to our potential. Discuss why you think many people don’t live up to their potential in their Christian walk, family, health, work, and finances.

Question 2:

Identify and discuss some motivations to help you reach your potential in the areas of spiritual growth, health, family, work and finances.

Question 3:

Do you agree that there are only three possible states (standing, walking, or running) in our Christian growth (sanctification) process?   Be honest, which one are you?

Question 4:

Considering the points below, which do you think are the easiest to do and which are the most difficult? What is one thing you can do to "pick up your pace" and continue your spiritual growth?

If standing (stalled, little or no progress) – things you can do:

•   God is pushing you to move – like it or not.

•   So start moving.

•   Start with basics ministries (Encourager, teacher, minister, listener, comforter, coach, cheerleader, giver, warrior, spiritual parent, etc.)

•   Read & Obey – doing is the key.

•   Engage in your Life Group and Church – not an observer.

•   Enjoy the adventure of growing .

•   Remember everything that grows changes or it dies.


If walking (are moving/growing some in your Spiritual progress) - things you can do:

•   Good – after a while you can get bored and accomplish little growth.

•   If/when you are bored with life, pick up the pace.

•   Read & obey a little more – doing is the key.

•   Engage more in Life Group and Church.

•   Look for opportunities to minister – focus on helping others.

•   Listen to Holy Spirit’s guidance.

•   Enjoy the adventure of involving God in all you’re doing.

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