Life Group Questions

1.  Pastor Sasha shared a picture of our church being a Big Tree.   In order for the tree to continue to grow bigger and produce good fruit, our tree will need to go deep and go wide.   What does this picture stir up in you? What was God saying to you as a result of hearing this?


2.  The One Simple Truth that was shared in the message was:  God has a ministry for each believer to accomplish.  Ephesians 2:10 supports this truth.  We are created for good works, which God has prepared for us to walk in.  Do you see yourself as a minister?  How does this manifest in your life?


3.    Jesus had a task to accomplish that God gave Him to do; so, we are in good company.  Share a task that God has given you and how you glorify God when you carry out that task.


4.  3 Groups of People were mentioned:  

**those like Timothy:  available, genuinely concerned, proven, a son

**People who serve when it's convenient for them

**those like Demas:  not contributing (once a co-laborer, then fringe, then out)

Share how a believer could quickly move from one group to another.  How can you prevent this?

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