Life Group Questions

1. From last week's message (from Paul), have you been able to spend time in the Word of God (Hearing/Reading/Studying/Meditating)? Which discipline is easiest for you? Which is the most difficult and why? Discuss practical ways with your group to train yourself in using the Word of God.

2. Discuss the way most people react to "training" and "self-discipline."

3. What did you know about fasting (spiritual rather than diet) prior to the message on Sunday? Had you practiced it much? Why?

4. Richard gave 5 reasons or purposes to 'fast.'
(1) To Strengthen Prayer.
(2) To Seek Deliverance & Protection.
(3) To Express Repentence & Bring Humility.
(4) To Overcome Temptation & Bring Victory.
(5) To Express Love & Worship To God

When we have the church wide 40 days of fasting early in 2015, which reason(s) should you focus on?

5. Will you practice fasting? Discuss all the alternate ways to fast.

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