Life Group Questions

1. The first point Brother Paul Sr. made was that church people should have an attitude of praise and worship, and that we should enjoy God. Please explain to the Life Group if you enjoy knowing and following God? When is that difficult and when is it easy?

2. Brother Paul Sr. told us that church people should be filled with revelation and that this is only done through the Holy Spirit. He asked us two great questions. Will we hear His voice? Do we have selective hearing? Discuss if you think people really have selective hearing and ways to stop this practice.

3. A key question Brother Paul Sr. asked is that if Jesus is Lord of our lives (this means of our time, our talents and of our tithes (stewardship)). Discuss with the life group if Jesus really is Lord of your life and why.

4. Church people should have a Kingdom Mentality. Discuss what this means to you and if you think Christians are taking over today? What should we be doing to make a difference in the world today?

5. What was one main thing you got out of this message that has inspired you to change your daily Christian walk?

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