Life Group Questions

I. We’re called to be connected:

1) In Christ

2) In Unity

3) To Growth

4) Through Words

5) In Service

6) Through Prayer


Which area is the hardest for you to connect with & why?



II. There is a difference between our mission (our purpose) & our message (how we accomplish our purpose.) As a church our mission is transforming lives for Christ. Think back on this past week. What message have you been portraying? If needed, how can you improve it?



III. ‘Living Bright’ is defined as being set-apart by the Holy Spirit & living differently from the world. How are some ways you’ve been a dim light & how can you brighten your bulb?



IV. Tyler talked about 3 phases: the attraction (live bright); interaction (stand up & speak out); & redemption (calling others to repentance). Which phase is the easiest/ most difficult for you & why?



V. Share a time when the Holy Spirit prompted you to stand up & speak out. If you did, how did it go? If you didn’t, what held you back?



IV. The congregation was challenged to:

1) Be connected (recognize people are watching you)

2) Speak out (jump at opportunities to speak His Word)

3) Be prepared to answer the big questions (know the salvation prayer)


How have you utilized any of these stages (or plan to use them) this week?

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