Life Group Questions

1.  The Apostle Paul spent 3 weeks in Thessalonica, but the entire empire was infected by their faith.  Pastor Wade shared that it was due to the nature of the gospel he shared.  Wade stated that the assignment and annoucement has been tampered with.  What kind of gospel are we sharing when we share about Jesus?

2.  The first reason the gospel was more effective was the proclamation of the gospel based on the Scriptures.  Jesus declared that the Kingdom of God is now.  The Kingdom involves relationship; it is not real estate, but a real state that we live in presently.  What excites you most about not having to wait until you die for your reward?  How will this change the way you tell others about Jesus and His Kingdom?

3.  The second reason the gospel was more effective was that there was amazing demonstration of the power of Jesus.  There was supernatural power for salvation, as well as, supernatural exhibition of power of Jesus through signs and wonders.  Share about a time where you have experienced supernatural demonstration of the power of Jesus.  Why do you believe people are attracted to the exhibitions of this power and need this in their lives? 

4.  The third reason Paul's gospel was more effective was that the replication of the process reproduces more like him!  Disciples making disciples were people who experienced miracles of grace through salvation and then mimicked these men of God following their model or pattern.  They were true disciples, not just deciding to follow Jesus, but following those who lead others to Christ.  You are a disciple; who are you focused on making a disciple?  Name 3 people that are in your realm of influence right now.  Take a minute to pray outloud  for each one of these specifically.  Be the megaphone to sound forth the gospel into their life.

5.  The final difference that  Wade shared was the jubliation that surrounded the gospel in Thessalonica.  It is centered on Jesus--who He is and what He does in lives.  When people look at you what do they see that they want? Be specific--positive attitude; loving, uplifting to be around; smile; magnetic; joy in the Lord in spite of circumstances; hopeful, etc...?

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