Life Group Questions

Read : Joshua 6 & 7 Key Verse Joshua 7:1

1.  Take a quick moment, and share with your Life Group one area where you have stepped up and started possessing what's yours during the past six weeks (since this series began).

2.  Pastor Paul made the statement, "Man is into starting things – but God is into finishing things."  Do you really and truly believe that God will finish all of the great things that He has started in your life?

3.  When did you first start tithing?  How have you experienced the blessings of God in your life since you started tithing?

4.  Read Malachi 3:6-8.  Why do you think God asks us to put Him to the test?  What is He trying to tell us about Himself?  And what is He trying to tell us about ourselves?

Possessing What's Yours

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