Life Group Questions

Key Verse: James 2:1-13


1. What was the most challenging thing to you that Pastor Paul shared during his message?


2. Pastor Paul stated, "The Church has served up their backbone to the world on the platter of tolerance and political correctness."  In what way or ways have you seen the Church become politically correct?


3. What were the two false legs of discrimination? 1. ______________, 

2. ________________


4. We know that prejudice is an issue of the heart. So, where have you fallen into the trap of judging someone based on their outward appearance?


5. It was said Discrimination is:




What stood out to you in these points?


Our Declarative Prayer:

Father, we come to YOU

In the MIGHTY name of JESUS

Today WE declare You are:



Loving Mercy and  Forgiving

We confess we have SINNED.

We REPENT of the SIN of Discrimination.

We declare by FAITH:

We will WALK in the ROYAL LAW;

To LOVE You with all our heart, mind, soul and strength;

To LOVE our NEIGHBOR as ourselves.


We declare as the Body of GCF West Houston:

We will not allow prejudice.

We will not allow presumption to control our thinking.

We declare Unity.

I will strive to bring unity in word and deed.

In Jesus Name, AMEN


A Journey Through James

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