Justin & Mollie Beam

Life Group Leaders

Justin and Mollie Beam began their marriage in June of 1996.  They have 5 children, who are rapidly growing into adulthood, Brenden, Ashlyn, Kayden, Maegan and Aspen.  Justin and Mollie met while attending Abilene Christian University and have had a roller coaster of adventures before moving to the Fort Bend area after Hurricane Ike in 2008, where Justin began working as a roofing contractor.  A few years later, Justin started his own company, Beam Roofing and Construction, which anchored the Beam Team to the Richmond area for the long term.  While Justin works from home, Mollie homeschools the 4 school-aged Beams, has a successful part-time essential oil business, and volunteers with Fellowship of the Sword on a regular basis. 

The Beams love to love on people, do projects together, entertain, go on adventures, play games, read and are advocates for walking in the freedom of your identity.  Their home is full of activity on a regular basis and they are very grateful for all the fun, ministry, tears, laughter, worship and connection that takes place in their daily lives.  

Justin and Mollie prayed for a Church family exactly like GCFWest for several years and knew they were “home” from their first visit.  After a season of restoration, they are honored to pour into others what they have been given. They have seen God move in, through, and around them in miraculous ways, so they daily are looking for where God is moving and how He is inviting them to partner with Him as He loves on His people.