Date Speaker Title Series Media
2013-12-2312-23-2013 Paul Tsika Gratitude, Part 06
2013-12-2812-28-2013 Richard Gasdia How Will 2014 Be Different
2014-01-0501-05-2014 Paul Tsika Cruise Ship or Battleship
2014-01-1101-11-2014 Paul Tsika This Old House, Part 01 - The Restoration of All Things This Old House
2014-01-1901-19-2014 Richard Gasdia This Old House, Part 02 - Living in a World Being Restored This Old House
2014-01-2601-26-2014 Paul Tsika This Old House, Part 03 - Resting in God's Sovereignty This Old House
2014-02-0202-02-2014 Paul Tsika This Old House, Part 04 - Be Good and Angry This Old House
2014-02-0902-09-2014 Jose Pineda This Old House, Part 05 - Minister Everywhere This Old House
2014-02-1602-16-2014 Paul Tsika This Old House, Part 06 - Trust What is Sure This Old House
2014-02-2302-23-2014 Nick Smith This Old House, Part 07 - The Importance of Waiting This Old House
2014-03-0203-02-2014 Paul Tsika This Old House, Part 08 - Pursuing Community This Old House
2014-03-0903-09-2014 Richard Gasdia This Old House, Part 09 - Determine to Love This Old House
2014-03-1603-16-2014 Paul Tsika This Old House, Part 10 - Living a Legacy This Old House
2014-03-2203-22-2014 Paul Tsika The Value of Relationships
2014-03-2903-29-2014 Myles Sweeney Becoming Offense Proof
2014-04-0604-06-2014 Richard Gasdia No Pain No Gain
2014-04-1304-13-2014 Paul Tsika A Crisis of Belief
2014-04-2004-20-2014 Paul Tsika The Empty Promises of Easter
2014-04-2704-27-2014 Paul Tsika Breaking Down the Strongholds
2014-05-0405-04-2014 Jose Pineda Songs of Joy
2014-05-1105-11-2014 Paul Tsika 10 Things Moms Want You to Know About Her
2014-05-1705-17-2014 Richard Gasdia God Is Always At Work
2014-05-2505-25-2014 Paul Tsika Ezekiel's Dry Bones
2014-06-0106-01-2014 Paul Tsika Philippians - Week 1 - Introduction Philippians
2014-06-0806-08-2014 Richard Gasdia Philippians - Week 2 - Joy in Loneliness Philippians
2014-06-1506-15-2014 Paul Tsika Philippians - Week 3 - Joy in Suffering Philippians
2014-06-2206-22-2014 Richard Gasdia Philippians - Week 4 - Joy in Death Philippians
2014-06-2906-29-2014 Paul Tsika Philippians - Week 5 - Joy in Humility Philippians
2014-07-0707-07-2014 Paul Tsika Philippians - Week 6 - Joy in Work Philippians
2014-07-1307-13-2014 Richard Gasdia Philippians - Week 7 - Joy in Conflict Philippians
2014-07-2007-20-2014 Nick Smith Philippians - Week 8 - Joy in Exhaustion Philippians
2014-07-2707-27-2014 Jose Pineda Philippians - Week 9 - Joy in Anxiety Philippians
2014-08-0308-03-2014 Richard Gasdia Philippians - Week 10 - Joy in Need Philippians
2014-08-1008-10-2014 Paul Tsika Privilege to Purpose
2014-08-1708-17-2014 Paul Tsika, Sr. Finishing Well
2014-08-2408-24-2014 Paul Tsika The Master Plan of Evangelism
2014-08-3108-31-2014 Myles Sweeney Love Lessons - Week 1 - What's Love Got to Do with It? Love Lessons From The King 2014
2014-09-0709-07-2014 Paul Tsika Love Lessons - Week 2 - Reignite the Romance Love Lessons From The King 2014
2014-09-1509-15-2014 Richard Gasdia Love Lessons - Week 3 - The Art of Listening Love Lessons From The King 2014
2014-09-2109-21-2014 Paul Tsika Love Lessons - Week 4 - Little Foxes that Spoil the Vines Love Lessons From The King 2014
2014-09-2809-28-2014 Paul Tsika The Pillars of Grace
2014-10-0510-05-2014 Jose Pineda Salt of the Earth
2014-10-1210-12-2014 Paul Tsika Operating Right
2014-10-1910-19-2014 Lee Bryant The Ministry of Stirring
2014-10-2610-26-2014 Paul Tsika Spiritual Gym - Week 1 - The Word of God Spiritual Gym
2014-11-0211-02-2014 Richard Gasdia Spiritual Gym - Week 2 - Fasting Spiritual Gym
2014-11-0211-02-2014 Richard Gasdia Spiritual Gym - Special Message on Training Spiritual Gym
2014-11-0911-09-2014 Sasha Ozeruga Believing in the Seed
2014-11-1611-16-2014 Paul Tsika Spiritual Gym - Week 3 - Service Spiritual Gym
2014-11-2311-23-2014 Paul Tsika Spiritual Gym - Week 4 - Fellowship Spiritual Gym
2014-11-3011-30-2014 Paul Tsika Spiritual Gym - Week 5 - Prayer Spiritual Gym
2014-12-0712-07-2014 Paul Tsika Spiritual Gym - Week 6 - Giving Spiritual Gym
2014-12-2112-21-2014 Paul Tsika Spiritual Gym - Week 7 - Worship Spiritual Gym
2015-01-0401-04-2015 Paul Tsika Week 01 - Training for Reigning Reigning in Life
2015-01-1101-11-2015 Paul Tsika Week 02 - How to Handle Ungodly Authority Reigning in Life
2015-01-1801-18-2015 Paul Tsika Week 03 - Training in the University of Adversity Reigning in Life
2015-01-2501-25-2015 Paul Tsika Week 04 - Hanging in There 'Til the Better End Reigning in Life
2015-02-0102-01-2015 Nick Smith Week 05 - What is Your I.Q. Factor? Reigning in Life
2015-02-0802-08-2015 Jose Pineda Week 06 - Conflict Management Reigning in Life
2015-02-1502-15-2015 Paul Tsika Week 07 - Stress Management Reigning in Life
2015-02-2202-22-2015 Paul Tsika Week 08 - Learning to Function with Unction Reigning in Life
2015-03-0103-01-2015 Richard Gasdia Week 09 - Reigning from a Throne of Grace Reigning in Life
2015-03-0803-08-2015 Paul Tsika Week 10 - Praise and Worship in Zion Reigning in Life
2015-03-1503-15-2015 Paul Tsika Week 11 - Singing in the Reign Reigning in Life
2015-03-2203-22-2015 Paul Tsika Week 12 - Learning to Keep Off the Casualty List Reigning in Life
2015-04-0504-05-2015 Paul Tsika Week 14 - Setting Up the Next Generation for Success Reigning in Life
2015-04-1204-12-2015 Jose Pineda Water Rising
2015-04-1904-19-2015 Wade Trimmer Recovering the Original King James Gospel
2015-04-2604-26-2015 Paul Tsika Week 01 - Return to Fruitfulness Abiding in the Vine
2015-05-0305-03-2015 RIchard Gasdia Week 02 - Abiding in Love Abiding in the Vine
2015-05-1005-10-2015 Paul Tsika Week 03 - Abiding in Hope Abiding in the Vine
2015-05-1705-17-2015 Jose Pineda Living in the River
2015-05-2405-24-2015 Paul Tsika Week 04 - Abiding in Liberty Abiding in the Vine
2015-05-3105-31-2015 Paul Tsika Week 05 - Abiding Discipline Abiding in the Vine
2015-06-0706-07-2015 Richard Gasdia So You Got Saved! So What?
2015-06-1406-14-2015 Paul Tsika Running the Rapids of Life
2015-06-2106-21-2015 Myles Sweeney Who Will Love the House?
2015-06-2806-28-2015 Paul Tsika Three Prosperity Principals for Kingdom Living
2015-07-0507-05-2015 Bo Magehee Worship
2015-07-1207-12-2015 Paul Tsika Week 01 - The Comforter The Forgotten God
2015-07-1907-19-2015 Paul Tsika Week 02 - The Paraclete The Forgotten God
2015-07-2607-26-2015 Paul Tsika Week 03 - The Equipper The Forgotten God
2015-08-0208-02-2015 Richard Gasdia Week 04 - The Spirit of Truth The Forgotten God
2015-08-0908-09-2015 Paul Tsika Week 05 - The Spirit of Excellence The Forgotten God
2015-08-1608-16-2015 Nick Smith Week 06 - The Spirit of Intoxication The Forgotten God
2015-08-2308-23-2015 Paul Tsika The 6 Pillars of Grace
2015-08-3008-30-2015 Myles Sweeney A Heart for War
2015-09-0609-06-2015 Paul Tsika Relationship Principals
2015-09-1309-13-2015 Paul Tsika, Sr. Churches that Make a Difference
2015-09-2009-20-2015 Richard Gasdia Week 01 - Let's Talk Love Lessons from the King 2015
2015-09-2709-27-2015 Paul Tsika Week 02 - Six Ways to Love Your Wife Love Lessons from the King 2015
2015-10-0410-04-2015 Jose Pineda Paul's Challenge to Timothy
2015-10-1110-11-2015 Paul Tsika Fan or Follower
2015-10-1810-18-2015 Paul Tsika Week 01 - Being Responsible Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-10-2510-25-2015 Paul Tsika Week 02 - Be Trustworthy Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-11-0111-01-2015 Sergei Muchak God's Plan
2015-11-0811-08-2015 Paul Tsika Week 03 - Conquer Stress Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-11-1511-15-2015 Jose Pineda Week 04 - Having a Healthy Self-Worth Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-11-2211-22-2015 Paul Tsika Week 05 - Being Grateful Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-11-2911-29-2015 Richard Gasdia Week 06 - Embrace Change Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-12-0612-06-2015 Nick Smith Week 07 - Live the Golden Rule Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-12-1312-13-2015 Paul Tsika Week 08 - Prioritize Your Life Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-12-2012-20-2015 Myles Sweeney Week 09 - Make Time for Personal Renewal Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2015-12-2712-27-2015 Richard Gasdia Week 10 - Goal Setting Ten Characteristics of Successful People
2016-01-0301-03-2016 Paul Tsika Week 01 - Moses is Dead Possessing What's Yours
2016-01-1001-10-2016 Paul Tsika Week 02 - A Sense of Destiny Possessing What's Yours
2016-01-1701-17-2016 Paul Tsika Week 03 - Armed, Dangerous & Chilled Out Possessing What's Yours
2016-01-2401-24-2016 Scott Smith How to Keep a Lemonade Perspective on the Lemons in Your Life.
2016-01-3101-31-2016 Jose Pineda Week 04 - Be Strong and Courageous Possessing What's Yours
2016-02-0702-07-2016 Paul Tsika Week 05 - Lessons from Gilgal Possessing What's Yours
2016-02-1402-14-2016 Paul Tsika Week 06 - From the Victory of Jericho to the Defeat of Ai Possessing What's Yours
2016-02-2102-21-2016 Paul Tsika Week 07 - The Place of Choosing Possessing What's Yours
2016-02-2802-28-2016 Richard Gasdia Week 08 - How Not to be Deceived Possessing What's Yours
2016-03-0603-06-2016 Paul Tsika Week 09 - The Power of the Covenant Possessing What's Yours
2016-03-1303-13-2016 Nick Smith Week 10 - Makkedah Possessing What's Yours
2016-03-2003-20-2016 Paul Tsika Called for a Purpose
2016-03-2703-27-2016 Paul Tsika Week 01, I AM the Resurrection and the Life Who Is Jesus?
2016-04-0304-03-2016 Paul Tsika Week 02, I AM the Bread of Life Who Is Jesus?
2016-04-1004-10-2016 Paul Tsika Week 03 - I AM the Door Who Is Jesus?
2016-04-1704-17-2016 Jose Pineda Week 04 - I AM the Way, the Truth & the Life Who Is Jesus?
2016-04-2404-24-2016 Paul Tsika Week 05 - I AM the Light of the World Who Is Jesus?
2016-05-0105-01-2016 Richard Gasdia Week 06 - I AM the Good Shepherd Who Is Jesus?
2016-05-0805-08-2016 Paul Tsika Week 07 - I AM the True Vine Who Is Jesus?
2016-05-1505-15-2016 Paul Tsika Annointed for Business
2016-05-2205-22-2016 Paul Tsika The Value of Relationships
2016-05-2905-29-2016 Jose Pineda Witness to the World
2016-06-0506-05-2016 Paul Tsika Week 01 - Breaking Down the Strongholds Spiritual Freedom
2016-06-1206-12-2016 Paul Tsika Week 02 - Rebellion vs Submission Spiritual Freedom
2016-06-1906-19-2016 Paul Tsika Week 03 - Deception vs Truth Spiritual Freedom
2016-06-2606-26-2016 Richard Gasdia Week 04 - Pride vs Humility Spiritual Freedom
2016-07-0307-03-2016 Paul Tsika Week 05 - Forvigeness vs Bitterness Spiritual Freedom
2016-07-1007-10-2016 Dustin Link Week 06 - Freedom vs Bondage Spiritual Freedom
2016-07-1707-17-2016 Paul Tsika Week 07 - Counterfeit vs Real Spiritual Freedom
2016-07-2407-24-2016 Paul Tsika Week 08 - Curses vs Blessings Spiritual Freedom
2016-07-3107-31-2016 Richard Gasdia Jesus is Lord
2016-08-0708-07-2016 Paul Tsika Week 01 - Living the Language of Love Love Lessons from the King 2016
2016-08-1408-14-2016 Nick Smith Week 02 - Fear and Relationships Love Lessons from the King 2016
2016-08-2108-21-2016 Paul Tsika Week 03 - The 5 Marriage Killers Love Lessons from the King 2016
2016-08-2808-28-2016 Matt Sweeney Believing the Best Love Lessons from the King 2016
2016-09-0409-04-2016 Brian Groce From Valleys to Mountaintops
2016-09-1109-11-2016 Paul Tsika The Six Pillars of Grace
2016-09-1809-18-2016 Paul Tsika Building Generationally
2016-09-2509-25-2016 Paul Tsika Sr. The Greatest Sin of All
2016-10-0210-02-2016 Paul Tsika How to Start an Organic Life The Organic Life
2016-10-0910-09-2016 Paul Tsika What are You Doing Here?
2016-10-1610-16-2016 Paul Tsika Seed Power The Organic Life
2016-10-2310-23-2016 Paul Tsika Spiritual Compounding Interest The Organic Life
2016-10-3010-30-2016 Paul Tsika Roots Produce Shoots The Organic Life
2016-11-0611-06-2016 Paul Tsika Maintaining Your Seed Planter The Organic Life
2016-11-1311-13-2016 Paul Tsika Speaking a Blessing The Organic Life
2016-11-2011-20-2016 Bishop Mark Kariuki Prophesy to your Situations
2016-11-2711-27-2016 Paul Tsika "Wait" Training The Organic Life
2016-12-0412-04-2016 Myles Sweeney Son or Slave
2016-12-1112-11-2016 Joey Pineda How to Handle Crop Failures The Organic Life
2016-12-1812-18-2016 Paul Tsika Seven Irrefutable Laws of the Harvest The Organic Life
2017-01-0101-01-2017 Joey Pineda Ebenezer: The Stone of Help
2017-01-0801-08-2017 Paul Tsika Stress A Journey Through James
2017-01-1501-15-2017 Paul Tsika Relativism A Journey Through James
2017-01-221-22-2017 Nick Smith The Credibility Crisis A Journey Through James
2017-01-2901-29-2017 Paul Tsika Discrimination A Journey Through James
2017-02-0502-05-2017 Paul Tsika A Faith That Works A Journey Through James
2017-02-1202-12-2017 Richard Gasdia What You Say Matters A Journey Through James
2017-02-1902-19-2017 Paul Tsika Wisdom for the Wise A Journey Through James
2017-02-2602-26-2017 Paul Tsika A Flight Plan to Peace A Journey Through James
2017-03-0503-05-2017 Brian Groce Roots of Recession A Journey Through James
2017-03-1203-12-2017 Paul Tsika Money Talks A Journey Through James
2017-03-1903-19-2017 Paul Tsika "Look" A Journey Through James
2017-03-2603-26-2017 Paul Tsika Wake Up, Serve, Repeat A Journey Through James
2017-04-0204-02-2017 Joey Pineda It's Never Too Late for New Beginnings A Journey Through James
2017-04-0904-09-2017 Paul Tsika I Can't Adult Today
2017-04-1604-16-2017 Paul Tsika The Hope of Change The Hope of Change
2017-04-2304-23-2017 Paul Tsika Transformation The Hope of Change
2017-04-3004-30-2017 Sean Cozart Being Connected to The Source The Hope of Change
2017-05-0705-07-2017 Paul Tsika Biblical Self Worth The Hope of Change
2017-05-1405-14-2017 Paul Tsika It Ain't Over
2017-05-2105-21-2017 Scott Smith Holiness
2017-05-2805-28-2017 Paul Tsika Relationship Principles
2017-06-0406-04-2017 Paul Tsika The Exchanged Life The Exchanged Life
2017-06-1106-11-2017 Jose Pineda Wounds for Healing The Exchanged Life
2017-06-1806-18-2017 Paul Tsika Death for Life The Exchanged Life
2017-06-2506-25-2017 Paul Tsika Curse for Blessings The Exchanged Life
2017-07-0207-02-2017 Nick Smith Poverty for Abundance The Exchanged Life
2017-07-0907-09-2017 Paul Tsika Rejection for Acceptance The Exchanged Life
2017-07-1607-16-2017 Myles Sweeney Sin for Righteousness The Exchanged Life
2017-07-2307-23-2017 Paul Tsika Old Man for a New Man The Exchanged Life
2017-07-3007-30-2017 Richard Gasdia Shame for Glory The Exchanged Life
2017-08-0608-06-2017 Paul Tsika Stay Calm and Sail On
2017-08-2008-20-2017 Paul Tsika Shame Off You Love Lessons 2017
2017-09-0309-03-2017 Paul Tsika When You Go Through Deep Waters
2017-09-0909-09-2017 Paul Tsika Why the Church? I Love My Church
2017-09-1709-17-2017 Paul Tsika The Six Pillars of GCF West I Love My Church
2017-09-2409-24-2017 Paul Tsika What's Love Got to Do With It? I Love My Church
2017-10-0110-01-2017 Paul Tsika Stronger Members Through Servanthood I Love My Church
2017-10-0810-08-2017 Brian Groce Amazing Faith
2017-10-1510-15-2017 Melanie Tsika A Culture of Honor I Love My Church
2017-10-2210-22-2017 Paul Tsika Being a Functioning Church Member I Love My Church
2017-10-2910-29-2017 Myles Sweeney Having God's Heart
2017-11-0511-05-2017 Nick Smith Leading My Family to be a Healthy Church Member I Love My Church
2017-11-1211-12-2017 Paul Tsika How to be an Obligated Church Member I Love My Church
2017-11-1911-19-2017 Joey Pineda How to be a Unified Church Member I Love My Church
2017-11-2611-26-2017 Richard Gasdia You Are Capable of So Much More
2017-12-0312-03-2017 Paul Tsika I've Left My Pea Patch for the Last Time
2017-12-1012-10-2017 Paul Tsika Lessons from the Wisemen Home for the Holidays
2017-12-1712-17-2017 Paul Tsika What Are We Going to Name This Baby? Home for the Holidays
2017-12-2412-24-2017 Paul Tsika How to Have a "Mary" Christmas Home for the Holidays
2017-12-24Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 2017 Paul Tsika What Are You Waiting For? Home for the Holidays
2017-12-3112-31-2017 Richard Gasdia What Baggage Are You About to Carry Into 2018?
2018-01-0801-08-2018 Joey Pineda Dedication of Solomon's Temple
2018-01-1401-14-2018 Paul Tsika The Power of Grace Amazing Grace
2018-01-2101-21-2018 Paul Tsika Conquering Sin Amazing Grace
2018-01-2801-28-2018 Paul Tsika Reigning Grace Amazing Grace
2018-02-0402-04-2018 Paul Tsika Protecting Your Heart Amazing Grace
2018-02-1102-11-2018 Paul Tsika Grace in the Heart Amazing Grace
2018-02-1802-18-2018 Paul Tsika Manifold Grace Amazing Grace
2018-02-2502-25-2018 Nick Smith The Throne of Grace Amazing Grace
2018-03-0403-04-2018 Paul Tsika The Spirit of Grace Amazing Grace
2018-03-1103-11-2018 Myles Sweeney The Purpose of Vision
2018-03-1803-18-2018 Paul Tsika Grace In Time of Need Amazing Grace
2018-03-2503-25-2018 Joey Pineda Entering Rest Amazing Grace
2018-04-0104-01-2018 Paul Tsika Fooled or Filled?
2018-04-0804-08-2018 Paul Tsika Does God Speak & Can I Hear Him?
2018-04-1504-15-2018 Paul Tsika Not Your Average Encounter
2018-04-2204-22-2018 Scott Smith Power in Identity
2018-04-2904-29-2018 Paul Tsika Relationship Principles
2018-05-0605-06-2018 Joey Pineda Connected in Christ Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-05-1305-13-2018 Paul Tsika Connected in Unity Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-05-2005-20-2018 Paul Tsika Connected to Growth Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-05-2705-27-2018 Jim Beaver Connected Through Words Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-06-0306-03-2018 Paul Tsika Connected in Service Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-06-1006-10-2018 Joey Pineda Connected Through Our Prayer Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-06-1706-17-2018 Paul Tsika Unstoppable Mission Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-06-2406-24-2018 Tyler Herring Unstoppable Message Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-07-0107-01-2018 Nick Smith Waiting With Purpose
2018-07-0807-08-2018 Paul Tsika Unstoppable Love Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-07-1507-15-2018 Fran Rowe Unstoppable Courage Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-07-2207-22-2018 Paul Tsika Unstoppable Opportunities Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-07-2907-29-2018 Richard Gasdia Unstoppable Impact Connected to the Unstoppable Gospel
2018-08-0508-05-2018 Myles Sweeney The Day of Small Beginnings
2018-08-1908-19-2018 Paul and Melanie Tsika Struggles That Every Marriage Faces Love Lessons 2018
2018-08-2608-26-2018 Paul Tsika The Triangle of Hope Love Lessons 2018
2018-09-0209-02-2018 Mike Rod When a Little is More Than Enough Love Lessons 2018
2018-09-0909-09-2018 Paul Tsika The Six Pillars of Grace #ThisIsGrace
2018-09-1609-16-2018 Paul Tsika Grow #ThisIsGrace
2018-09-2309-23-2018 Joey Pineda Relate #ThisIsGrace
2018-09-3009-30-2018 Paul Tsika Attract #ThisIsGrace
2018-10-0710-07-2018 Paul Tsika Challenge #ThisIsGrace
2018-10-1410-14-2018 Joey Pineda Encourage #ThisIsGrace
2018-10-2110-21-2018 Paul Tsika Shake It Off and Step Up
2018-10-2810-28-2018 Joey Pineda How Do You Like Your Stew?
2018-11-0411-04-2018 Paul Tsika God Wants You to Prosper Prosperity with a Purpose
2018-11-1111-11-2018 Sasha Ozeruga Have You Received and Will You Complete God's Ministry in Your Life?
2018-11-1811-18-2018 Paul Tsika Prosperity and Zeal Prosperity with a Purpose
2018-11-2511-25-2018 Paul Tsika Prosperity and Being an Overcomer Prosperity with a Purpose
2018-12-0212-02-2018 Paul Tsika Prosperity, Patience, and Perseverance Prosperity with a Purpose
2018-12-0912-09-2018 Myles Sweeney Overcoming a Poverty Spirit Prosperity with a Purpose
2018-12-1612-16-2018 Paul Tsika Prosperity and Tithes Prosperity with a Purpose
2018-12-2312-23-2018 Paul Tsika The Wonders of Christmas The Wonders of Christmas
2018-12-3012-30-2018 Richard Gasdia Charging Into 2019
2019-01-0601-06-2019 Paul Tsika The Identity of Our Identifier iDENTITY
2019-01-1301-13-2019 Paul Tsika Identity Crisis iDENTITY
2019-01-2001-20-2019 Paul Tsika Identity Theft iDENTITY

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