Thank you for stopping by to update your information! GCF West is growing and so is each covenant member. The passion fueling our elders and staff is to build God's house and that only happens when we all build ourselves up to God's calling on our lives. Take this simple and seemingly small task as an opportunity to seek after God's will and perfect plan for you.

Completing a Self Discovery Assessment is a matter of FAITHFULNESS, not just as a church member; but as a good steward of the life Christ has given to us. We commend and thank everyone who has completed or is about to complete their assessment. It takes some time to finish, but you will find it worthwhile and it will give staff and elders a deeper understanding of how and where God wants to put you in building God's Kingdom at GCF West. That is what it is all about!

If it has been a year since you have filled out your Self Discovery Assessment, it was all on paper and thankfully that is no longer the case! We are asking for everyone who has not yet filled out an electronic copy of the assessment to complete the electronic version as soon as possible. We have made some changes to the questions, and God has probably made some changes in your heart and vision for your ministry. It will be interesteing to see the new work He has done in your life!

A new addition to the Self Discovery Assessment is the Thinking Wavelength Profile. It has it's own link, but you will also be redirected to complete it after your Self Discovery Assessment. It is only six questions long, but it is extremely telling of what types of ministry positions you will thrive in.

If you need to leave while filling out the Self Discovery Assessment, you may exit your web browser and come back, the information will still be there as long as you use the same computer and web browser that you started with. All information entered is encrypted and will only be seen by GCF West elders and staff.

For those who have completed the Self Discovery Assessment and Thinking Wavelength Profile, there is a button to update your directory information. This will make communicating changes in phone numbers and addresses a breeze. We especially want to track everyone's special days such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as new additions to the family. If you are not a covenant member at GCF West, we still want to know you! Feel free to fill out the Directory Update Form as well!

Thank you for your faithfulness, we can't wait to see how God uses us to build His house!

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